Catamarans and luxury yachts- a world of boat for an Italian summer. Luxury package- the exclusive vacation on board luxurious yachts.



Catamarans and luxury yachts a world of boat.

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Catamarans and luxury yachts

A world of boat for an Italian summer.

Italian summer on board. Motor yacht, catamarans, plenty of sailboats, for an exclusive vacation on board luxury yacht to live your dreams all included. An accredited package among catamarans and luxury yachts- with our solution for your wonderful summer. The sophisticated gullet, for your stylish and liberty vacation, with all included formula.

Whether your idea of joy is, Radahotel embodies your standards and offers you. Many different solutions, constant assistance, the possibility to rent the boat for an exclusive use, and the certainty to live a dream vacation. Trust who is familiar with the sea.

Radahotel’s luxury package- the exclusive vacation on board Luxurious yachts.

How have you decided to celebrate your summer? Radahotel, provider of unique experience in nautical tourism for years, has chosen for you the luxury package. You are going to have at your disposal prestigious yacht with spacious cabins, that host up to eight people, with the complete freedom to choose the rental with or without crew, up to eight days.
The port of embark and disembark, among the most beautiful of Campania’s coasts. Therefore, you will customize your experience to make it unforgettable.
With the comfortable galley service, provided weekly, to have steward, Commander, and chef on board.

With Radahotel’s catamarans the vacation by sailboats has a whole new perspective.

The catamaran is defined ‘’a mansion above water’’ by many cruisers’ lovers. That’s because of its elegant shapes, outdoors for sunbathing, and the unique comfort of the indoors. Compared to other boats, in fact the catamaran has a double hull, and it has clear lines, bright indoors with enormous stained-glass windows.
it is very simple to maneuver, and this is very Comfortable because you can maneuver it even if the crew is reduced.

A world of boats for the summer

Catamarans and luxury yachts- a world of boat for an Italian summer. Luxury package- the exclusive vacation on board luxurious yachts. Cruises in freedom.
Therefore, you can decide to rent a world of boats or evaluate one of the catamarans of the RadaHotel fleet with or without crew. Get ready to enjoy a holiday different from the others, in which the catamaran is only the starting point for a weekend or a week full of emotions at sea.

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Catamarans and luxury yachts Check-in assistance

Radahotel assistance will always be present, with personalized services and packages that include, for example, the skipper, personalized excursions and itineraries, and the possibility of an early check-in to enjoy your stay on the catamaran starting at 1 pm.

Why book a world of boats with RadaHotel?

RadaHotel is a tour operator specialized in creating exciting boat experiences.

A hotel formula, with overnight stay in luxurious boats in the bays of the most beautiful places in Campania. Cruises and events organized ad hoc, with catering, drinks, Captain on board and specialized staff.
What distinguishes RadaHotel from other tour operators, and that makes us prefer all year round as a reliable partner for events and holidays, is the competence, the result of years of experience, and a special attention to detail, to make sure that everything is perfect.

Catamarans and luxury yachts a world of boats

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Stay up to date on all our suggestions and news to benefit safely from a world of boats. Across the board, you can benefit from choosing between a world of boats, with a treatment like in a hotel. A careful touristic guide service on board the catamaran, with the special cruise formula on yacht, all included. We look forward to welcoming you onboard! Make your dreams come true with all included package. Italian summer on board.

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